Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Drive Through the Country: Flatlander Market

I hope to make A Drive Through the Country a regular theme on my new blog.  It all depends on how much I get around though and since I live in IL, most of the destinations will wind up being in IL.

A recent drive through the country found me in Marengo, IL (population 7,000) which has a cute little main street and tons of steeples poking up into the sky.  We literally drove through in a matter of minutes, but I have the feeling there is more to see, even if the businesses on the main drag where not the pop in and browse types of main street businesses that I love.

We did stumble into the Flatlander Market, after almost walking past it a second time, which was basically a cute little cafe and some gourmet delights to take home.  Missy and I almost immediately migrated to the back corner where there was a super tiny wine cellar that had a selection from local vineyards.

You might not realize it, but Illinois has a lot of vineyards, plenty more than I was aware of. You can see a list here, on Illinois Wine.  I am familiar with the Lynfred Winery though, which is in Roselle, IL and saw a couple bottles that I have yet to try. 

There were several labels that were new to me though, and plenty that I want to try out in the future.  But, in the end the Lynfred Winery Strawberry Wine won out.  It ended up being a little sweeter than I like, but sweet wines are preferred in this household so that wasn't a problem.

I would like to take another trip out to Marengo, and this time take the camera along for the drive.  The building facades were interesting and we passed more than a few cute homes and churches, and this odd stone wall.  I am kinda hoping that spring and summer will reveal a couple hidden gardens. Who knows.......   

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  1. It's always cool to run across places like that. I remember two years ago when Bob (aka Elizabeth) Evans (from Gather) and I ran across a little place in downtown Tiverton on our way back from looking at the seals on Sakonnet Point. You'd never know it was there looking for it, but you could follow your nose - they roast their own coffee. We didn't stay long because we needed serious food and the place only serves muffins and such, but it was small enough that you could take in the whole store by turning around in a circle. It was like an old general store with a couple of tables set up in the middle of the floor - lots of jars of whole bean coffee, of course, as well as a lot of old coffee memorabilia. And muffins. It was great, and Bob took some literature and wrote down their web address (apparently they have a website), and of course took some pictures, and did a Gather article on them the next day.

    Yup, there's a lot of little hidden gems out there waiting to be stumbled upon.