Monday, March 29, 2010

The 26th Chicago Latino Film Festival

I remember hearing about the Chicago Latino Film Festival when I was in school, and honestly it would have made a lot more sense for me to go check it out them since I was actually in the city.  I never did go though, and I actually forgot that it even existed.  Then I saw this in the paper:
Seriously, the ad is about two inches big.  But it still caught my attention, so I guess it served its purpose. 

Anyway, I checked out the three, yes just three, films that are part of the festival and they seem interesting. 

The first and the one that I am driving out for, Los Viajes del Viento.

Then there is Mal Dia Para Pescar, which also looks interesting.

And, Espiral.  I know I am going to love this one. 

All three play on different days though, so I will have to choose just one because I can't drive out all three days. The others are going to have to wait till they are out on DVD.

The film festival is playing at the Genesee Theatre in Waukegan, IL, which is just north of Chicago. 

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