Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Bit of a Stretch

There is this piece of furniture in one of the storage closets, that I have had on my mind since I was ten or so.  My girl scout troop took a trip to the beautiful Cantigny gardens one Spring, and during the house tour I spotted this beautiful chaise lounge and told my mom I wanted it.  

Almost like this one. 
Only the one at Cantigny was ten times prettier and had fabric that suited the style.  Anyway, my mom told me that she had one and that I could have it when I was older-- she didn't know then that I had a memory the size of an elephant. 

Mom insists that conversation never happened and that she would never promise me the chaise.  I saw it for the first time about a year after that initial conversation though, and have been planning the reupholstery job ever since.  

Every time my dad does something for a client involving a chaise lounge, we have the same "you told me I could have yours" conversation, and we recently had that conversation when I helped my dad out with a special job. 

There is plastic on it and I couldn't get a front facing picture without a ton of plastic glare, but you get the idea.  This baby isn't staying in our house though, but I still love watching the process and never forget a piece of furniture like this. 

I think it turned out great-- but then again, dad's work always does. I helped though, and I would've helped more had my dad not been so annoyed by my spinning in his spinny chair that he removed it and put this straight back chair in its place. 

The stripes were actually a lot greener and copper colored than the picture appears-- perfect for St. Patty's Day-- and worked with the wood color.  

Next up, the twin's thrones-- I call them thrones, but they are really just tall chairs.  I have to strip, sand, and then stain them before dad will even look at them though.  And we can't agree on fabric, which always makes him grumpy about the things I try to get him to do, so it may take a week or more. 

I'll be better about updating that project though.  Oh, almost forgot, my older brother agreed to help me build my bookcases, so that I won't have to continue planning the Fundraiser for Sophie's Prosthetic Arm Fund in case I accidentally saw something off!

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