Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Carmen. Sevilla. Je t'aime!

I love how the smallest things can take me away from everything. Browsing the clearance section at my favorite used bookstore I came across a tattered book filled with illustrations by Alastair.  There was tons of good stuff in it so I brought it home for a buck, but I didn't have the chance to flip through it entirely till last night.  

Somewhere in the middle there was a set of illustrations that I fell in love with instantly, Carmen.  

Love the dramatic poses and expressions on everyone-- even when you can't see their faces.
 Si tu m'aimes, Carmen

Out of curiosity I decided to check the 2010/2011 Lyric Opera of Chicago, and no joking, Carmen is on the calendar! It can be so hard to get tickets to the bigger names at the Lyric and the prices......

I would love to go, but I don't know what will be happening in my world when that comes around. 

Found this video of Pavarotti singing my favorite song in Carmen, The Flower Song. 

I want to be back in Sevilla, nibbling yemas and tripping over my feet because there is so much to look up at. Next time I go, I'm renting a car and taking the drive down because there is so much life in that region that I didn't get the chance to taste.

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