Thursday, March 4, 2010

Crazy for Custo

If you are not familiar with the loveliness that is Custo Barcelona, you are in for a treat!

I first discovered Custo Barcelona when I was living in Spain.  After every class, I would literally roam Madrid without a map or plan on me-- which is really the best way to get to know a new place.  

 Anyway, in the middle of all this roaming I kept passing the one Custo retail store that was literally right under my nose for months, till right before I left-- the shop on Claudio Coello.  Instead, I stumbled across a larger location that was smack in the middle of a more touristy area, on Gran Via.

Back then, I was not necessarily living on a shoestring, but I was definitely not doing any Custo Barcelona shopping, beyond window shopping.   

Oh yeah, that's a picture of me roaming Spain.  Not a stitch of Custo to be seen, sigh. I fell in love with the t-shirts first. I loved the colors, the designs, where their inspiration for the collections came from.  It wasn't long before I was trying on all the skirts.

I made it through though, and once I was home I began to stalk eBay in search of vintage Custo shirts.  It wasn't until months later that I realized, yet again, that there was another Custo Barcelona retail store right under my nose.  This time in Chicago-- Water Tower Place.
And here I thought I was pretty observant.  That pretty much brings us to present day though, and I am still crazy for Custo.  

There is just something about the colors, designs, vibrancy of the designs that I love.  I love the signature females that are used on the tee designs-- dressed up as everything from cowgirl to surfer chick to flamenco dancer.  

With the new Spring/Summer 2010 collection out in full force I surf AND add to my shopping cart!

You can check out the entire Custo Barcelona line, here
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  1. Their clothes certainly POP. You know, the one thing that I miss about living in San Francisco or LA is the fashion and the ability to wear it. I would look like a fool or a tourist if I tried to wear some of Custo's fabulous designs here.