Monday, March 1, 2010

Done With Modern Art

This is the post where I was supposed to come back and tell you what a wonderful trip we had at the Modern Art wing of The Art Institute of Chicago. That's not going to happen.  

Two things, my younger sisters and I love art and we love the Art Institute of Chicago.  Our visit yesterday was off from the beginning though.  It was the last day of February, and subsequently the last February free day, so the place was packed to the hilt.  Then, there was this really creepy guy, seemed to be everywhere we turned, who was walking around grabbing himself and grinning-- ewww. 

We decided to start off in the new modern wing, which really does look fabulous inside and out, but I think maybe we should have eased the twins into it.  To be fair, they have been around modern art in the past, and even though there is now a dedicated wing, modern art has always been displayed at the AIC. 

We overlooked the Photography, Film and the William Eggleston galleries entirely-- though I was hoping to pop in after we went upstairs.  Instead, we headed to the second floor, where all the action appeared to be.  

Bad move. We ended up in the Contemporary Art after 1960 galleries where the twins began cracking jokes and making faces at the few people in the crowd who declared the art "brilliant" or "representative of a great disconnect"

We were staring at


We didn't last long at all, especially after Christine blurted out something along the lines of, "They're all on drugs!"  Oh the stares and glares we got.  

The pants grabber was out of control at this point though, so we ended up fleeing the Modern Wing before we made it to the third floor.  I know the girls would have enjoyed those galleries because they do like Picasso, Modigliani and Dali.

We ended up retreating into our favorite galleries filled with European Art and Impressionism.  The twins did some sketching and Missy and I had our fill of neck craning and people watching.  

I don't think the twins are done with Modern Art, but I think we will have to introduce them to it little by little between now and our next visit.  Definitely going to try and find out more about the pieces that are on display so that I can discuss with them the pieces, artists and styles being used. 

You can find tons of great materials and links on AIC's website and even check out their digital collection. 


  1. You didn't mention the wee-wee puller earlier. Eww! We never did get to the AIC in October, will have to save that for the next trip. I just read the other day that they have the largest collection of Monet's Haystacks. For some reason, I love that series.

  2. Yes, there are five or six in a single gallery, I believe. You can sit down and watch the day pass in them.