Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This or That Tuesday

The Winey Mommy is a blog that I have just started following and she recently started a new blog meme to get people talking and connecting. 

The Winey Mommy

Today's This or That Tuesday question is,

Do you buy makeup at a discount/drugstore or some type of specialty makeup store?

There is a lot of makeup that I can't use, and I don't know it till I put it on, so I buy a lot and try even more. Because I do have darker skin there is a lot less from any one brand or in any one line that works too, so I shop around a lot and dip into all different collections without really having any loyalty or preference for any one brand. 

Sephora is a favorite place to try/buy.  Ulta for things that I know they carry and need.  Drugstore for staples.  Everywhere else for all the new stuff I am bound to find and fall in love with.  Oh, Target has become my new favorite place to discover new lines that they drag in!

What about everyone else?


  1. I'm really interested in trying out some of Target's new lines--they look pretty good!

    Thanks for linking up & playing along!


  2. I love Sephora too, but my girlies swear by Target...

  3. Having sensitive skin and allergies, I have to be pretty conscious of what I try. I really only wear mascara and lipstick and have a huge weakness for skin care stuff. My first love (and a former employer) was Origins, now that is competing with Caudalie since Sephora doesn't carry Origins.