Thursday, March 4, 2010

What Do Vampires, Voltaire and Batman Have in Common?


What do Vampires, Voltaire and Batman have in common?


Honestly, I haven't really worked it all out in my head yet either, so I was hoping someone could offer some assistance.  I might come back to this after the fever fog has left my brain in a week and recognize it as delusional ramblings-- who knows. 

But, the fam and I were gathered around the living room couch, because that was where my sick bed was, reading Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter out loud-- yeah, we read together too-- when we got to the following passage (it is an excerpt from young Abe Lincoln's journal upon finding out his father's debts set his mother's death in motion):

"The very sight of him awakened some heretofore unknown hatred, Hatred of my father. My anger kept me away for three days and nights. They had taken her from me. Father and Jack Barts. I hated my father for telling me such impossible, unspeakable things.  Yet I knew they were the truth. During those days of anger and grief, I gave into madness and admitted something to myself: I believed in vampires. I believed in them, and I hated them to the last.
When he finally came home, Abe didn't say a word. He made straight for his journal and wrote down a single sentence. One that would radically alter the course of his life, and bring a fledgling nation to the brink of collapse.
I hereby resolve to kill every vampire in America."
At the end of that passage I looked up at my sibs as they made dramatic gestures and pretended to hack vampires with imaginary axes.  

Then, totally out of the blue, my younger brother said something very profound about seeking truth and people giving into madness.  Whatever it was he said was totally fitting though, and I mulled it over in my head for a millisecond while looking up at him with what I am guessing was pure astonishment.  

My brother noticed he caught me unawares and cracked a huge smile.  Batman.  Yes, Batman. 

I fell asleep shortly after my nap, no crazy dreams, but woke up with a recollection of my brother's Batman quote.  Not remembering exactly what he said, I called him and asked him what it was he said. 

"I don't know what you're talking about." Seriously, I don't know! My little brother was back.  Did I dream it? 

It turns out I did not dream it, my brother does remember rattling off some vague quote, but he does not recall what he said, nor exactly what film it was from.  Aghhh. 

But Voltaire? Yes, Voltaire. 

The reason I want to know that quote was because of some Voltaire that is lodged in my brain-- besides, it was a pretty nifty quote that came tumbling out of my brother's mouth. 

"Superstition excites storms; philosophy appeases them." 

I have the feeling Batman was quoting Voltaire, and the passage we read on Abe triggered something in my brother's memory, something that was right on.

It was a minutely exciting moment, at least to me.  For starters it proves that my teenage brother does get things, things other than video games and girls, which is a total relief. And it unlodged a long forgotten quote, which is always exciting for me. 

Now if only I could find that Batman quote without having to watch the films-- something I have never done.  The couple that have come up in google searches, while nice, are not the one I am looking for.  I wonder now if it was even from Batman.     

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