Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stupid Parasites

Well, if you haven't noticed, I have been absent for a little while for a very good reason.  Mostly dealing with a nasty computer virus that has wormed its way into my life. Up till now, I've been really good at keeping my computer free of viruses, but this one got through and it has been hell to deal with.  

I thought I had it all cleaned up after spending a couple days sticking it to the horrible parasite, but I think it was like those freaky tapeworms that duplicate if they break off.  Because, after just a couple days of happy computerness, the problem became twice as bad.  

Again and again, I thought I got the worm, but it would pop right back up and now, kaput.  So sad. My brother thinks there is still the chance to get it all cleaned up, but I have a lot of stuff that I neglected to save, and now need to get all that done.  
So, I have not had the time to blog, barely had the computer time to get work correspondence done.  I guess it was better that it finally went kaput on me during a holiday week, because at least I could tell myself and others that I was not working.  

It was the stuff I had already committed myself to that I was stressing out over and I knew I had to chill out because I was seriously working myself up-- I am really good at stressing and then not sleeping and then getting sick. 

All these worms got me thinking about all the bot fly videos I made my little brother watch last month.  See, my cousin and I have been talking about visiting Panama for over a year now.  She lost her job though and was unable to go, so we were waiting till she started working again. 

In the meantime, after talking about it to him so much, my brother got it in his head to go visit our cousin in Panama himself.  Poo to him, right?  I made him watch a crap load of bot fly movies on YouTube though, and felt ten times better about him going without me while he squirmed and cried while people squeezed the larva out of their bodies.  

Evil, I know.  But I felt better :)  And that kind of stuff really does not gross me out.  

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