Friday, August 27, 2010

Tourdot Winery: A Drive Through the Country

In May of this year I took a trip with family to Wisconsin Dells, a favorite childhood vacation destination, and we had the chance to visit the Tourdot Winery. Tourdot is one of the Dells newest additions, and a great breather from all the lights, water and people.  

If you are not familiar with Wisconsin Dells, it is a gorgeous vacation destination here in the Midwest right along the Wisconsin River.  The Dells are actually the sandstone formations that are carved into the rock along the bank.  It is actually this sandstone that makes the area the ideal place to have a vineyard, and why the Tourdot family is smart for starting their new small business.

Driving out to the vineyard was actually very easy, it is minutes from downtown Dells, down a quiet country road. The winery itself is small, but enough for the size of the overall vineyard.  Our family, and yes, the vineyard is totally family and kid friendly, showed up early in the day for wine tasting and ended up sitting out on the patio enjoying wine and cheese and Frisbee golf.

I actually cannot wait to come back and see the winery and vineyard when it has grown a little more.  We were not able to do more than sample the wines that are straight from their own grapes-- they need a little more time-- but what we did taste was great.  The wine that they are making and serving now is made from the grapes that they bring in and I regret not buying more bottles when I had the chance. 

The owner took the time to step out and show us the property, they will be offering tours once everything is up and going, and I loved the maple trees that surrounded the vineyard.  In this picture you can see the shed where maple was once collected and turned into maple syrup-- something they plan on bringing back!

If you are ever driving through this part of the country, the Tourdot Winery is definitely worth a stop.  If you are vacationing in the Dells, it is definitely a nice respite from all the people.  And for flea market fans, there is a small road side stand selling things you would only find at a country flea market (seriously rustic). 

Tourdot Winery
3619 13th Avenue · Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965
(608) 253 · 4400


  1. We love stopping at the wineries in Michigan...isn't it fun? This sounds like a wonderful place. I love it when the owner is willing to take time to discuss things.

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  3. i hate to tell you this but the Tourdot Winery is no longer in business. i am cousins with the owner and he went through a divorce and lost everything