Friday, September 10, 2010

Covergirl Clean for Normal Skin: Not For Me

 I try a lot of makeup because there is a lot that I am allergic to and cannot use, so for every ten products I try maybe two are keepers.  Funny enough, Covergirl, the cheapest of all the foundations or powders I have tried, is one of only a small handful of brands that have not caused me to break out in hives or a rash. 

A few months ago I noticed that Covergirl had introduced a new line of makeup with the Clean tagline so I decided that as soon as I ran out of the Almay makeup I had (which is no longer sold :( and the new line has something that my skin does not like) I would pick up a bottle and pressed powder and see how I liked them.  

The good news, just like the older line, I did not have any bad skin reactions when I used any of the lines: normal skin, sensitive skin or oil control. 

The bad news, I cannot stand the smell.  Smells might not bother other people, but I notice them and when I don't it, I don't use it.  The foundation has a minty menthol smell.  It is not strong, but I can smell it and it reminds me of the menthol lotion I used to have to lather on when I had a very bad skin reaction in order to sooth the itching.  The powder has a flowery potpourri scent to it that reminds me of stuffy gift shops. 

Both days, I tried one on day and the other the next, I spent the entire day scrunching up my face to see if I could still smell it.  They did cover well and lasted even though it was hot out and I was running around. 

So, while I can say that the new Covergirl line is good, it is not for me. 

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