Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Decorating Inspiration: Wreaths!

A couple years ago I rescued this large woven branch wreath that was left behind by the previous owners and decorated it for fall.  I didn't have a lot on hand, just a few flowers and some ribbon, but I made it work and we hung it under the large window in front of our house. 

The wreath was stashed after we hung a large pine wreath for Christmas and it hasn't been out since.  I really feel like decorating for Fall though, even if it is already halfway into the season-- takes me a little longer than most to acknowledge the fact that summer is over. 

Flipping through a stack of old magazines that a neighbor gave me, I found tons of great ideas and inspiration for fall wreaths. 

This flower covered one is my favorite!

However, I do not think we have enough mums in the yard to borrow blooms from. 

Then this one!  I have been looking for containers in this style to hang on the brickwork in front of the garage.  I need three and they would be super easy to change from season to season.

This third one looks so elegant with that feather and the wreath is the exact same style as the one we have now. 

Then there are these, which are totally doable.

Now I just have to turn all this inspiration into something!  Anyone have a fall wreath they made posted on their blog for me to check out?


  1. pretty wreaths! check out my store ( for great door buckets that are easy to go season to season - the berry & bow door holder is on sale right now and you can take off the "christmas" medallion to make it a year round look! Followed you on the FYLB and now following your blog also - check out mine -, thanks!

  2. Hey!
    This is a great leaf wreath craft to do with the kids.


  3. My goal is to snatch up one of those wrath holders this year.