Friday, October 22, 2010

My Beef With Blog Hops & Blog Hop Hops

So, I got a beef with blog hops.

Is it just me or does it seem like everyone under the sun has their own blog hop?  I know it is a great way to attract readers, but the whole point of the hop is so that readers can go to one or two places, find a collection of great blogs and hop.  With all the hops, all you come across when you hop from blog to blog are other hops!

Seriously, months ago there were just a couple really well done hops.  Now everyone thinks they can do it better and every single blog has their own hop, but not just one, many have one for every day of the week.  

I see blog hops, twitter hops, facebook hops, giveaway hops, book hops, review hops and then there are the specific type of post, giveaway and review hops.  

I really feel like the whole thing has just spiraled out of control, especially when it comes to the Blog Hop Hops and the Hops for Blog Hop Hops-- we are talking THREE tiers of hops now! Every morning I am looking at 9 out of 10 posts that end up being blog hop posts on my Follow feed. WHY?!

As if that were not bad enough, blogs post their hops the day before the actual hop and then close them off to new additions by the wee hours of the morning-- I know because I am up by 4 CST every morning and go through my Google feed with my coffee while the kids are still sleeping.  So, someone that might be actually looking for cool new blogs to follow ends up being shut out of any reciprocation because there are one hundred blog hoppers trying to drive traffic to their blog hop hops.  

What seemed really cool and fun is such a nuisance now. Am I alone here, or is anyone else feeling this way?


  1. I can't even follow the hops anymore.. to be honest I browse my emails for blog updates that are emailed to me and my google reader. Once done I will google for other blogs to look at, this is how I found you :) Hops Schmops!

  2. I've never participated in a blog hop. I did however just do my first blog swap!

    If you want cool new blogs...look at some on my sidebar. I follow some really great blogs.

  3. I used to participate in blog hops all the time. Then I got frustrated because I would make sure I'd follow at least 10 people from the hops but either I would get no followers or only 1 or 2. It was pretty consistent like that the last few times I participated so I don't do them much anymore. Anywho, I'm a new follower from TPRP. I'd love for you to stop by when you get a chance: