Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ten Minute Halloween Costume Idea: Flamenco Dancer

If your kids are anything like my younger sisters, they change their minds about what they want to be for Halloween every other day! 

We are forever coming up with last minute Halloween ideas and most of them are composed of clothing and props we already own or that you can find for a song-- a fortune has never been spent on any costume in this house.  So, I figured I would share several frugal, ten minute Halloween costume ideas here for anyone caught scrambling at the last minute. 

First up: Flamenco Dancer (My baby sister is the model)

 To make this costume you need:

  • Long Skirt, I own several, in any color but red or orange are preferable
  • White, long sleeved shirt-- we used their uniform shirts
  • shawl-- the one pictured, I own
  • black heels or flats (better for running door to door in)
  • fan (I owned), I've seen plain ones at the dollar store and Michael's that you can paint
  • Jewelry-- bangles, big hoops or similar, large beaded necklace and a flower for your hair

No sewing needed!  Just put it all on, put up your hair, buns work best, but Catherine wanted a side do, and you are ready to go!  

This can also easily be transformed into a gypsy costume, loose white blouse, glittery belt and lots more bangles.....


  1. I remember this costume from last year. Your sister looks so cute in this outfit, and you girls have really taken it to the frugal extreme! You are teaching them great values...

    Frugality Is Free

  2. Im your newest follower from Thursday's Friend and Giveaways, I would love a follow back.

  3. She looks fabulous!

    I am working on a frugal fairy for M. She bought wings, but I am in charge of everything else. Luckily, I have yards of tulle, a dowel to make a wand and some leftover rhinestones in my stash.

  4. She looks so pretty! I don't sew, so our kids either came up with costumes from props around the house or on rare occasions (ninja turtle, ghostbuster) we bought the outfit!

  5. Great costume! I love the idea of "Ten Minute Costumes". Have a happy Halloween!