Friday, November 5, 2010

Amazon Video Purchase, The Gift That Keeps on Giving!

I know a lot of folks are bargain hunting right now with Christmas right around the corner, and I appreciate all the deals that bloggers post. A couple months ago, I took advantage of one of those deals and pre-ordered Toy Story 3 on DVD (which arrived this past week) at a super price.

Toy Story 3 
Because the original price actually was reduced, I got an email stating that my Amazon account had been credited the difference, making it an even better deal.  I did not pay anything out of pocket, because I had a $5 amazon credit from Swagbucks and shipping was free.  

Anyway, as soon as the DVD was shipped I was notified that as a reward for purchasing a DVD I earned a $4 Video on Demand Credit.  I love getting these credits because it is a cheap movie night for the girls and I without ever having to go anywhere or choose something else because the movie we want is gone.  

We ended up watching Seraphine, and I still have a dollar credit that we can apply to the next movie night.
This morning I received yet another email letting me know that Amazon customers that purchased videos were eligible for a $1 subscription to Rolling Stone, US Weekly or Men's Journal! I love Rolling Stone magazine, and even though I get a lot of magazines for free because of the business, this is not one that is offered.  
Rolling Stone (1-year auto-renewal) 

The promotional code that is given is worth $9 so all that is left is $1, which was already in my Amazon account! 
This one purchase is really the gift that keeps on giving. :)


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  4. Hi! It's me, Selene. I didn't know you have a blog. Good deal! I also got the $4 video credit for buying How to Train Your Dragon but I have no idea how to use the credit. I am sure I can figure it out I am just too lazy to read the instructions.