Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Simple Green, Puttin' it to the Test

I have to give a huge thank you to, Anne from Mommy has to Work

In case you don't know, Simple Green has an entire line of green, natural cleaning products for your entire home.  Anne hosted a giveaway, and I won a complete set of the Simple Green Naturals Household Cleaning Product line!

My family has been green since before it was a thing-- hehe.  We were a super scouting family and practice what we preach.  Also, because many of us had a lot of allergies to mainstream products available, my mom had to hunt down green, natural products to use in the home and it was not so easy back then.  Shaklee cleaning products have regularly been in our home, but because of the price we do try other brands.  

Three thing I love about Simple Green right off the bat:
- It's all non-toxic and biodegradable!
- They are lightly scented (herb scents people!)
- Simple Green is made in the USA (super biggie in this house)

The twins would also like to add that they are very happy that these products are not tested on animals :)

Right now I am expecting an out of town guest for a week, and we are in full cleaning mode. So, my box could not have arrived at the door at a better time.  Window cleaner and dish soap were already on my shopping list-- the kiddies are upset they did not get away without doing the dishes-- so the Simple Green is already being put to the test. 

The bottle of liquid hand soap is installed in my bathroom, I like a nice full bottle when guests are around, and the window cleaner, floor cleaner and bathroom cleaner will all get a workout by the end of the day.  Catherine has assumed possession of the multi-surface cleaner because it is her job to scrub and disinfect the kitchen.  

I'll let you all know how the products hold out in an upcoming post-- probably not till after my bff leaves.  Side not: I can't remember the last time I was this excited about cleaning products and cleaning, lol.  Maybe it has to do with the whole winning aspect, IDK!


  1. I'm just popping in from the Wednesday hop & I'm now following. Stop by when you get a chance!

    living well, spending less

  2. I've seen these products in stores and never tried the. I guess I'll have to now! Besides, saving the environment is so important.

    I found you on the Thirsty for Comments Blog Hop!

  3. Woo-hoo! Congrats on your win! That's an awesome prize pack, looks like it's full of all kinds of great stuff. It's true, cleaning is much more exciting when you have new products to try out. :) I look forward to hearing how they work out for you!

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