Monday, November 22, 2010

Wish for the World

If you had one wish for the world this year, what would it be?

Every year one of my favorite places in Chicago, The Art Institute, gets all decked out for the holiday along with the rest of the city.  Last night the twins and I walked around checking out some of the decorations and lights already up, and it really does put you in the mood for the Holidays.  

*Side note*
The one, and only, thing none of us were happy with was the Christmas windows at Macys.  When Macys bought out Fields, they promised to keep the Christmas window tradition going, but I don't think they quite understood the Christmas magic part. The windows have been seriously boring and completely scaled down.

But back to the AIC.

Every year the lions get wreathed, but last year they decided to change things up a bit.  A set of aluminum wreaths hung on In An Attitude of Defiance and On the Prowl for half of the Holiday season and then the traditional wreaths went back on.  

This Friday though, an exciting set of wreaths will hang on the lions for the entire Holiday season, and I can't wait to see them.  Chicagoans Stephanie and Bruce Tharp came up with a not so traditional wreath idea that combines the look of an American cranberry wreath with the idea of the Buddhist wishing tree. 

Each of the two thousand plus "cranberries" holds a Wish for the World, scribed by schoolchildren from around Chicago.  The cranberries with their wishes are then placed in a solar powered globe and strung up on the wreath, which will glow come nightfall.  

I think the idea is a beautiful one. The world needs more good vibes put out there these days.  

But it got me thinking.  If I could have one wish for the world, what would it be?  

In every life experience I have had, every life story I have witnessed and every life that has touched mine or that I've touched, there has been one constant. 


I cannot imagine what it is like to be without hope, but I know that there are some people out there in truly hard or horrible places that feel as if there is no hope for them.  One cause that I am really dedicated to is that of, Free the Slaves, an organization dedicated to ending slavery and human trafficking around the world.  

My wish for the world is that no one living today is ever without hope, that there is hope for the hopeless. 

What would your wish for the world be?


  1. I'd wish to have my precious daughter Olivia back.

  2. For the world, I would wish a cure for cancer.

    For the commenter before me, I would wish peace and hopefully happy memories.

  3. I'm a fellow Chicagoian!

    Thanks for stopping by and following! I am following you back.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


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