Thursday, December 16, 2010

GiveBack: Set Up Your Own Charitable Foundation!

Ever thought that there has to be a better way to give, an easier way?  I did too, and then I was introduced to GiveBack, this awesome website that was set up to allow you to create your own foundation.  

Remember Oprah's Big Give?  I loved that show! So I was excited to find out that this whole idea was the result of winner, Stephen Paletta's, own experiences setting up his own foundation. 

From the site:

In 2010, Stephen launched the Give Back Foundation, a 501(c)3 public charity created to help people give back. The Give Back Foundation was established to allow any person to join GiveBack and set up their personal foundation account. The funds that accumulate in that account are part of the Give Back Foundation. Each member has the ability to direct the funds from their account to any charity in good standing with the United States Internal Revenue Service.

So, how does it work? 
Well, to start you head over to and open an account, no credit card or starting money required, just set up your account in your name, which will serve as your foundation.  You get $5 in your foundation account automatically when you set up your foundation. 

From here you can earn cash back from online purchases, which will go directly into your foundation fund.  Use your credit card to fund your account directly. Or, participate in sponsor funded opps to donate money to your foundation!

Once you have money in your foundation, you can decide who to donate it to, as long as it is one of the charities in good standing with the IRS.  

It's so easy!  And when tax time comes, GiveBack makes it easy on you too.  

It really is a very easy way to start giving yourselves, and seeing as how excited the twins were to just apply for some of the sponsor opps to try and win money to give away, it is a great teaching tool for children. 

Let me know if you set up a foundation of your own, or if you need any help doing so.  Right now Steve Nash and Serena Williams are giving members a chance to earn $1000 for their foundation!

*One2One Networked shared this site with me and no compensation was given for writing this post.  All opinions shared are my own and only formed after trying out the service provided by GiveBack for myself.*

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