Monday, December 20, 2010

Look at the Writing on the Wall With Vinyl Decals

I love giving gifts that are personalized and add to the home.  On the last vacation the twins and I took we collected small mementos from the beach and along the way to create a shadowbox with pictures to give to our parents. It was a hit and the girls like looking at it from time to time because of all the memories it holds. 

Recently we painted the girls walls and are in the middle of decorating their rooms, which can get expensive. The girls have expressed the desire to add artwork to the walls, but knowing how finicky about liking things from one month to the next, I have been hesitant. Then I saw the creative ideas to look at the writing on the wall, using vinyl decals that can be added and removed, personalized and added to and I knew this was the perfect option for a couple of teen girls.

The beauty of this idea, is there is very little chance to mess it up, and it looks great.  I am always so timid and worrisome when it comes to doing anything that is going to be permanent because I am sure I am going to mess it up.  

Using vinyl decals is super easy though, and they do not have to be applied directly to the walls, but can be used to create more permanent art that you hang or placed on different pieces of furniture.  There are so many options to choose from and so many different decals to try. 

Deals at Love Letterings, an online store that specializes in creating vinyl decals that are from the heart and is one shop that the girls and I have looked through, include everything from BOGO deals to Free shipping.  I think with the two girls and how flippant they are about preferences, I will go with the BOGO and find two that I think they would love to have on their own walls after Christmas. 


  1. It sounds like a fun way to decorate.

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