Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve Traditions-- What Are Yours?

I just read an email on food related New Year's Eve traditions and I got to thinking about all the ones my own family has and the ones we have been introduced to in years past. Growing up everything had to be spotless in the house, we all would be dressed in new clothes and there had to be plenty of everything-- especially food-- in order to ensure that we had a year of plenty. 

Mom always made sure that there was a dish served that each one of us loved and just being with my family, celebrating, was everything I needed.  I have not spent a single New Years Eve away from my family, and I want it to always be that way.  To me, like all the other traditions, being with my family is my way of hoping that I will have them near me in the year to come.

So, what are your New Years Eve traditions?  Any weird ones out there?

The year we rang the New Year in while in Rome, we were served lentils and pork because it was a tradition. I read somewhere that the lentils resemble coins, so having them served is a way to guarantee fortune. And pork is a thing because pigs root in a forward motion while chickens scratch backwards, cows stand still and lobster also moves in reverse-- all bad things for the future.  

In Spain it is a tradition to eat twelve grapes at the stroke of midnight, one for each month of the year.  You want to bite into sweet grapes because bitter ones foretell a bitter month.....YIKES!


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  4. Rome! I would love to go there someday. I really love your post and that you're always with family. Thanks for sharing those sweet memories with us :)


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