Sunday, December 19, 2010

SWAGG-- The Best Gift You Ever Gave!

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The Best Gift You Ever Gave?
Anyone else have one of those moments when they realize, or they see a child realize, that the best gifts are not always the most expensive, the flashiest or the coolest?  Sometimes the best gifts you can give are those that are worth more than any amount of money. 

When I first learned that Santa got a little help, I spent a couple years wondering how my parents could stand not getting any of the credit. It makes me laugh when I think back on it, but it's true.  I had very young siblings so I could not say anything either, and it frustrated me, lol. 

Anyway, before I knew the Christmas deal, I made an annual request for a very specific doll. Year after year, it never came, and even when I was already older I kept adding it to my list because I felt that I had already invested so many years hoping for it (mind of a 10 yr old folks) that now I really deserved it.

I guess I should add here that my mom is the world's biggest procrastinator and even though I showed her the catalog many times, she waited till the last minute and then went to the toy store to try and find it. Back then, American Girl was catalog only, so it never happened.

When I was 13/14 I started babysitting, and after adding the Felicity doll to my own Christmas list out of pure stubbornness, I decided that I was going to save up all my money and put one under the tree for myself.  I was only half motivated until I helped my baby sister write a Christmas list of her own.  After reading every AG book to her for months (I'm pretty sure I taught her how to read using them) she scribbled "Samantha doll" on her Christmas list to Santa.

I did as planned and went to the post office, bought a money order, filled out the shipping info and sent off a few months worth of babysitting money (the dolls cost the same now, but back then I only made a couple bucks an hour). A couple days before Christmas the doll finally arrived at the door, and I had to peek before hiding it in my room.

On Christmas morning my sister opened her very own Samantha doll that Santa brought her, and the look on her face was worth it.  Sure I knew giving was better than receiving, but giving without needing any recognition felt even better and it was a lesson that I never forgot, and finally understood.   
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  1. love that story - what am amazing thing you did for your sister when you yourself still wnated your own AG doll!

    As a mom, I totally get it! I do what I do for my girls - not for recognition but because it makes me truly happy to make them happy!

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