Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Drive Through the Country: Flatlander Market

I hope to make A Drive Through the Country a regular theme on my new blog.  It all depends on how much I get around though and since I live in IL, most of the destinations will wind up being in IL.

A recent drive through the country found me in Marengo, IL (population 7,000) which has a cute little main street and tons of steeples poking up into the sky.  We literally drove through in a matter of minutes, but I have the feeling there is more to see, even if the businesses on the main drag where not the pop in and browse types of main street businesses that I love.

We did stumble into the Flatlander Market, after almost walking past it a second time, which was basically a cute little cafe and some gourmet delights to take home.  Missy and I almost immediately migrated to the back corner where there was a super tiny wine cellar that had a selection from local vineyards.

You might not realize it, but Illinois has a lot of vineyards, plenty more than I was aware of. You can see a list here, on Illinois Wine.  I am familiar with the Lynfred Winery though, which is in Roselle, IL and saw a couple bottles that I have yet to try. 

There were several labels that were new to me though, and plenty that I want to try out in the future.  But, in the end the Lynfred Winery Strawberry Wine won out.  It ended up being a little sweeter than I like, but sweet wines are preferred in this household so that wasn't a problem.

I would like to take another trip out to Marengo, and this time take the camera along for the drive.  The building facades were interesting and we passed more than a few cute homes and churches, and this odd stone wall.  I am kinda hoping that spring and summer will reveal a couple hidden gardens. Who knows.......   

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Unus Sed Leona

A Lioness and a Vixen were talking together about their young, as mothers will, and saying how healthy and well-grown they were, and what beautiful coats they had, and how they were the image of their parents.

"My litter of cubs is a joy to see," said the Fox; and then she added, rather maliciously, "But I notice you never have more than one." 

"No," said the Lioness grimly, "but that one's a lion."

Moral of the story: Unus Sed Leo.......Quality Over Quantity :)