Saturday, January 8, 2011

Big Plans for Our Crayola Goodies!

 So just the other day I got a big box dropped off at the door filled with Crayola goodies.  With Christmas just over, the twins and my nephew both have a lot of new toys to play with, so I opened the box and went through it myself.  

After debating on just giving them to the twins to use now, putting them away for gifts, or putting them aside for one of those weeks or weekends my nephew stay over and needs entertaining, I decided to show the goodies to the twins and see what they thought.  As soon as I pulled out the box of crayons, Christine snatched it up and claimed it as her own, lol.  The twins think all of it is really cool, even the Sound Studio which is way too young for them.  

So, as we sat there looking through it all, Cathy said, "Foof, I really like all of it, but what about taking the toys to that shelter where all the kids stay?"  Christine immediately agreed! 

The shelter Catherine was speaking of is a women and children's shelter that I have been volunteering at and donating to since I was about 13/14.  They help women and their children who have found themselves in abusive relationships and are in need of a safe spot as they get their lives back together away from their partner.  

Because there are so many children in and out of the shelter, and so many of them are so young, the toys and books are used up very quickly, but everything is always well used and appreciated.  Kids of all ages spend a lot of time in the play and craft rooms that they have set up for them, but every time I have gone I always notice that books are needed and art supplies are always thin.  

I know that the kids will love the new Crayola toys and I am so glad Catherine had the idea.  I only wish we had more to give because there are always so many children at the shelter at any time.  The girls and I do plan on going to Walmart and Target with gift cards we got for Christmas and purchasing crayons, markers and construction paper so that at least every kid there will have some new art supplies to just forget about where they are and what is going on around them for a few minutes and just create.

So excited for them!  And I want to thank Crayola and Midget Momma for sending the box of goodies to us in the first place!


  1. That is great of them.

    I have that glow dome thing... my mom bought it for me cuz I collect glow in the dark stuff.

  2. That's really groovy of you and your wee folks to do...I think I'm going to pay it forward also...thanx for the post~!!!

  3. What a nice prize pack. I entered a few giveaways for these as well but haven't one won yet. Congrats on your win! Thanks for stopping by What We Won Wednesday