Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chicago Restaurants Dropping Like Flies!

I don't know if it is the same everywhere else, but every month I can put together a list of Chicago restaurants and other favorite haunts that have closed their doors.  Seriously, they are dropping like flies out here!  

In November, my best friend came for a weeklong visit and I was really excited to take her around to some of my favorite places in the city.  However, now that I am not in the city anymore, it sometimes happens that a week or so will pass before I get in.  When I am there, I have to be very selective about where I go and what I do because of time, but I try to hit different spots with each visit.  

This has resulted in monthly shock visits to some of my favorite places, which now stand empty or in very few cases, replaced.  When my best friend came, I had not been to the city for a little over two weeks-- Halloween was wrapping up and I was trying to get everything work related out of the way so that I could spend time with her unhindered by pressing work stuffs.  

She wanted to go to all my fave places, and I was excited to show her everything Chicago has to offer.  So, I was all, "and this is my favorite hookah lounge/belly dancing/Turkish cuisine spot!" least it was.  And then I was all, "that's okay, lets head to one of my favorite tapas spots!" This time I call ahead to make sure we get a table, but wait, "You're closed? When are you opening? Never?!"

In that one week, it happened a lot, and not just the restaurants.  Heck, just walking around we started counting all the empty storefronts-- on Michigan Ave and State Street of all places! *sigh*

So after another month of closings and with this month coming to an end, I can't help but wonder who goes next? 


  1. It has been the same in South Florida. Actually, I thought things were turning around, and our downtown area seems to finally be booming with tourists at the restaurants again. However, then I went to Old Navy...they had closed, and the same thing with Borders...CLOSED!

  2. I hardly ever get to the city so I don't know much about any store or restaurants closings. Everything local seems to be the same where I live, but then again, we don't have much around here, lol.

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  3. This economy needs to pick up : (
    Thanks for stopping by Keeping Up With The Rheinlander's. I liked your photo and hope you win!!