Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes Fashion Nod to Anne Shirley's Puffed Sleeves!

Life is not worth living without puffed sleeve!

Seriously though, looking through the dresses that made their way down the red carpet on the backs of some of the biggest names in Hollywood, I could not help but think of Anne Shirley and her love for puffed sleeves. 

The modest high neck, long, puffed sleeves, and cinched or belted waistline under a line free bosom glammed up and slightly modified to modern fashion!

Honestly, I never saw that coming.  With all the seriously sexy, skin baring, flesh showing dresses we have come to see on red carpets and just about everywhere else, it was a nice change-- and very well done.  

Not sure I could pull off the look myself (mostly because I can't pull off any volume in the shoulders), but I am a huge fan of the "leave something to the imagination" set as hems get higher, bust lines get lower, slits ride all the way up and cutouts make way for entirely see through options.

Anyway, I abso loved Anne Hathaway's Armani gown! Puffed sleeves and form fitting, but I liked that it did not have the waist pulled in.

Leighton's Burberry dress was essentially the same, but it has the waist.  However, I think the color and fabric did not flatter her at all and it came off as dowdy and matronly :(

Angelina's long sleeved, emerald Versace gown was sans the puffed sleeves, but it had the free bosom top and gathered waist along with a high neck line, long sleeves and long skirt-- WOW!

If I could pull off the look, I would totally go for this black number from ASOS! Love that it has pockets :)
I can do these slightly puffed and ruched flutter sleeves on this fitted and zipped up dress from Anthropologie though.  
Here's to Anne and her puffed sleeves!

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