Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tassimo Home Brewing System Giveaway Roundup

I have read so many reviews of the Tassimo Home Brewing System that now I want one for myself and I am not even a huge coffee drinker.  But that is the beauty of the whole thing because I do enjoy the occasional cup of coffee (really good coffee) and I abso love capps and tea, all of which you can make with this machine.  And there are enough coffee fiends in the family to make it a big perk on the counter. 

From visiting the blogs of friends, I have noticed that there are a lot of bloggers hosting giveaways of the Tassimo Home Brewers (lucky ducks) so I figured I would do a round up here so that you can easily find and enter for yourselves!

There are tons! 

Not sure what happened to my tweet button, so if you can retweet this list for others, please do so with the following.

"Tassimo Home Brewing System giveaway roundup from @chitownchica http://tiny.cc/iy0yc"

Seriously cleaned out the list, but I found a couple more so I still have hope, lol!

  1. My Sentiment Exactly, 2/3 
  2. It's All Free Online, 2/9
    If you are hosting a Tassimo Giveaway that I don't have listed here or found one I missed, let me know!


    1. what a nice thing to do ...I hope you win one of them!

    2. Thank you so much! I REALLY want one of these and have no way to pay for one. I appreciate the time it must have taken you to compile this list.

    3. My Wine Education http://www.wine-girl.net/2011/01/tassimo.html 1/9
      Tifani's Mom http://tifanis-mom.blogspot.com/2011/01/tassimo-coffee-maker-review-giveaway.html 1/15
      West Michigan Mommy http://www.westmichiganmommy.com/2011/01/tassimo-t20-single-cup-brew-machine.html 1/16

    4. Mommy's Must Haves http://amommystoryreviews.blogspot.com/2011/01/bosch-tassimo-home-brewing-system.html 1/9
      My Chicago Mommy http://www.mychicagomommy.com/2011/01/review-giveaway-tassimo-bosch-t20-home.html 1/9
      Woman Tribune http://womantribune.com/tassimo-brewbot-review-giveaway 1/11

    5. Thank you! I entered a few. Hopefully I win one for my birthday :D Hopefully you win one too!!

    6. http://mylittlereviewcorner.wordpress.com/2011/01/10/tassimo-t20/

    7. http://www.lillepunkin.com/2011/01/review-of-tassimo-t20-brewer.html