Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dogs' Incredible Lake Michigan Rescue and How You Can Help

I think a lot of folks have already heard the story of the two dogs that were rescued off of semi frozen Lake Michigan because I have already seen it on the news and seen many links to the story on twitter.  However, very little has been said or shared about the organization that is going to be taking care of the dogs.

If you have not heard the story yet, two dogs were abandoned on Howard Beach earlier this week, in snowy, FREEZING, Chicago.  The dogs wandered out onto the frozen Lake and fell through before being rescued by locals that noticed the struggling dogs.  One rescuer literally threw herself into the freezing waters to lift not one, but two dogs out of the lake. 

I can barely stand the cold coming in the back door this morning, and I am wrapped in a blanket on the couch in the front room.  It is freezing outside, so I can't even imagine the shock that that woman must have had when she threw herself into the water like that.  I am actually quite shocked that the ice gave way under the dogs because of how cold it has been and how frozen the lake gets-- it really is quite beautiful.  But, I am rambling now.

An awesome rescue group in Chicago, One Tail at a Time, will be handling the shelter and adoption of the two dogs.  I particularly like this group because they work with a lot of second chance dogs.  Specifically, court case dogs, through a relatively new court case dog program that they have set up in Chicago.  Too often dogs that are involved in pending court cases are abandoned or just forgotten about so this group fills a much needed service. 

If you would like to help, you can learn more about what kind of help they need and can use on their website

Right now the girls and I are just very grateful that there are really wonderful people living in Chicago who will act when they see animals in need. 

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