Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Managing the Family Business With the Help of TurboTax

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Managing the Family Business with the Help of TurboTax
Anyone who has ever been self employed knows all about the benefits and downsides to being your own boss.  I mean, on the plus side, you get to make all the decisions, decide your hours and develop your business the way you want to.  At the same time, everything you do, you have to do yourself and only have yourself to look to for answers, solutions and responsibility. 

Having grown up in a family business, it was all I ever knew so it really does not come as a surprise to me that I have ended up taking the same route-- at least for now.  I also always remember taxes, tax time and tax prep being a big part of the family business-- helping mom sort paperwork makes up some of my earliest memories. 

At first mom did the family business taxes herself, but as the business grew and the process became more complicated she hired a bookkeeper and accountant.  Over the last couple years, I have been able to file my taxes for myself, but the more I dabble, expand and branch out, the more complicated it gets.  

In the last two years so much has changed with our taxes that I found myself struggling at the last minute to make sure that I got everything right.  The beauty of it all though, is that I do not have to hire a full time bookkeeper and accountant like my parents did.  Now, there are wonderful products like, TurboTax, to help me keep everything sorted and keep me from making costly mistakes. 

Anything that helps me keep track of my finances, and keeps it easy is great in my book.  Especially if it allows me to continue taking family vacations with my brothers and sisters!

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