Wednesday, February 23, 2011

USL's Bath & Beauty Wishlist

Spring is here and there are so many new bath and beauty products that I would love to try. I prefer natural and organic products to others, but every once in a while there are products that don't fit into those categories that I want to try. 

Browsing through my emails this week I spotted several new products that are now on my shopping list, if I can find them.  I even found something for Zorro from one of my fave brands! Can't wait to let you all know how they turn out.

Dolly & Mila Skin Care
Dolly & Mila is branded as an all natural line of wildcrafted skincare that is meant to repair and protect skin from damage.  Some of the products are composed of some really interesting concoctions-- broccoli sprouts anyone?

I'm excited to try this
Dolly and Mila Organic Lip Butter with Creamed Honey and Shea Butter

Bubble and Bee Pit Putty
We are in the midst of a crisis over here-- well, at least Christine feels as if she is. I mentioned before that the folks in my house just cannot let me live with my allergies in peace, but have one by one adopted them for themselves. Allergy stealers!  

If only they would develop the same allergies as I have had and keep them so that I don't have to live with them :)  Anywho, about a month and a half ago Christine developed a severe reaction to her deodorant. It took a little more than a week for the swelling to go away completely, and when it did I gave her a deodorant only stick by Degree. I believe it was their tea tree and something or other, but I have had success using it in the past without any severe reactions. She tried it and it was a no go, another week with sore, inflamed pits. 

Poor kid, I felt really bad. So, I gave her a tube of Tom's of Maine, natural, no scent deodorant.  The reaction was not as bad as the other two, but after two days, she could hardly move her arms again.  I don't have any more tubes of my trusty Natural Choice-- Walmart and CVS no longer carry it-- and have been using Tom's when I feel I need to wear something (mostly when I go out). 

I read some positive reviews of Bubble and Bee's Pit Putty and found a store nearby that carries it, but I never get there before they close-- weird hours.  Anyway, if this doesn't work for her, I told her I knew of a couple more brands (Burt's Bees, but I don't like their spray or scent and one more) that she can try. Otherwise she is going to have to go all natural and this is apparently crisis level news to a teenage girl. 

Pit Putty in Tea Tree and Spearmint or Geranium Lime

Speaking of Burt's Bees, I love their lip balms, and now they have an entire line of tinted balms! The Pomegranate tinted lip balm in their original line is one of my favorites, but everyone has pomegranate lip balm now. Which is why I am excited to try out Hyacinth, Tiger Lily, Red Dahlia and Hibiscus. 
Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm, Hibiscus, .15-Ounce (Pack of 2)

EO Natural Pet Care Products
Even though this product is not for me, I think it is what I am most excited about. EO has long been a favorite of mine, love their body wash and hand soaps and since I like using natural pet care products for Zorro, I was psyched to see the latest from EO! 

I even entered Zorro in EO's pet photo contest-- go give Zorro a thumbs up on their wall for me if you get the chance! 

EO Dog Shampoo
Time to go shopping!