Monday, March 7, 2011

Everybody Do the Samba!

Normally I would tell you to do the ChaCha, but this week has been all about the Samba. There is only one more day left to celebrate Carnaval, and since the twins don't really know how to samba-- though they will dance to samba music-- I decided it was time to teach them!

When it comes to dancing I am all about just doing, I hear the music and I just move to it. When it comes to learning a specific dance, with specific steps, I can just follow right along without needed anyone to give me direction and then do my thing from there. 

The twins, on the other hand, are all about directions. Specific directions. They want to know exactly where and how each foot is supposed to be on what count, take time to "get" the beat, and see the whole thing play out in front of them before even attempting to try. 

So, I did a quick search online and found this nifty-- yes, nifty-- How to Dance the Samba video on Hulu from the Howcast folks! It's straightforward, easy to follow and short enough (minute and a half) to keep the girl's attention. 

And the best song to samba to.....


and of course....

Now everybody go dance!!!