Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fashion Blog Spotlight: TrendQueen

I love finding and following fashion blogs because there is always something new to me-- be it a designer, a look or a new way to wear a new trend. Recently I came across, TrendQueen.com, this great fashion blog covering everything from seasonal trends to wedding trends to new fashion trends by designers and even makeup trends! 

Just about every day, Trend Queen introduces something new and trendy and then tells you where to find it. Her style is right on too, and many times she is talking about fashion trends before more mainstream fashion sites get around to it.  I think I like her site so much because we share a lot of the favorite shopping sites, looks and I see a lot of pieces that I would choose for myself being featured.

I love that the site has a slightly vintage vantage point, because I love vintage everything.  Just browsing the site in a few minutes I found out at least five new sites I want to check out or shop with now and in the future-- many of them have dedicated vintage sections!!

But don't worry if you are not a fan of vintage, because there is a lot to look at.  Like everything else, I think our personal fashion and style sense becomes more refined and unique when we get to look at and experience other styles.    

Check out TrendQueen.com for 

  • Looks at the current trends
  • New ways to wear current fashion trends
  • New ways to wear old favorites
  • Designers that bring you the best of each trend
  • Where to shop for the hottest fashion trends 
You can check out Trendqueen.com for yourself here. Enjoy!