Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lonely Planet Asks: Where Would You Go For the Food? #ChicagoTravel

Lonely Planet recently asked its readers, "If you could travel to any city for the food, where would you go?"

I wasn't too surprised with the responses, because they mirrored my own, but there were a couple cities or countries in there that did leave me wondering.  Being from the city of Chicago is really a great way to eat your way around the world, if you will, because the international community that has settled here brought their authentic cuisine with them.  

I noticed right away that my favorite cities, Chicago, Madrid, Mexico City and Barcelona, were at the top of the food city list. I keep saying that I am going to return to Spain and eat my way through every city because when I have been there, I was living on extreme budgets and don't feel like I got the chance to really enjoy the cuisine as much as I could. Seriously, I put those Europe on $100 a day guidebooks to shame-- and I had my own apartment and was paying for tuition. 

Living in Chicago, I think I have had more chance to sample many dishes from Spanish chefs that I never got to while living in Spain. And even though I have had several excellent dishes of paella here in Chicago, I don't believe I have yet tried the absolute best. 

But, I do need some help finding more of the best, and I often start at places where friends recommend, so help me out, Chicago!! 
  • I need to find the best Turkish restaurant in Chicago, because my old favorite closed a couple years ago and it has been a while. 
  • Then, a Danish friend living in Canada is always talking about Serbian food, and since I have never tried any, I must
  • I love, love, love Asian cuisine, but a Chinatown favorite has been seriously disappointing so I need a new spot there. Also, Thai, my Thai spot closed and I have been hopping ever since. 
That list is seriously depressing, but don't get me started again on all the restaurant closings Chicago has experienced over the last two years. 

Number 3 on the list is Paris-- Hello! Who wouldn't want to go to Paris to eat? The twins and I have been gathering information on little pastry shops in Paris we want to visit, and then this week we saw the piece in Frommer's Budget Travel recommending the same thing!

Bangkok was number one, of course, followed by Rome-- another city I ate my way through on a budget.  And I think I should mention here that eating your way through a city on a budget does not have to be a bad thing if you know where and how to spend your money. 

So, if money were no option, and you could travel anywhere, where would you travel to for food?

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