Saturday, March 5, 2011

More Tees, Please: Supergoodtees

Every time I shop for tees I start off thinking I am going to have to design and make my own tees to find exactly what I want. But then I find a site like Supergoodtees and talk myself down. 

Truth be told, I love a good tee and I really love those funny tees that places like Supergoodtees are stocked with. In just a minute of browsing I found five tees that I wanted to purchase for myself, most of them of the nerdy variety, and some naughty and humorous ones I can see on my brothers.

Here are just some of my favorites....

 What I like for the twins....

And seeing as how everyone fights over Star Wars tees in this house, I'd have to buy that second one in triplicate. 

If you are looking for funny, naughty or nerdy tees, Supergoodtees has a nice selection to browse through. Tees are just £9.99 and if you buy 4 you get one free!  

Even better, they have six colored tee choices, so if you find a slogan that you want but don't like the color selection that is used as an example, you can order it your way.  I can't tell you how many times I have found an incredible tee design or slogan but hated the color tee it was printed.  Being able to choose for myself is a big bonus!

And if you REALLY like what you see, Supergoodtees has opened a Zazzle store and makes their slogans and designs available to print on just about anything you please.  Custom mugs anyone?

To watch for special offers and new designs, follow them on Facebook or Twitter!