Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Plan Your Next Shopping Trip With Malls Info

I don't know how or why it happens, but whenever we travel chances are good that we end up in a shopping mall. I think I have been stopped and shopped all the malls in the DFW area over the year-- but that might have more to do with the need to get in out of the heat-- and I wish I knew about Malls Info sooner so I could have skipped a few and stuck to the better ones. 

Malls Info offers just what the site's name implies, offering info on malls across America. Not only does it give you the ordinary details, which you can find anywhere else on the internet, but it takes all that information and leads you to the best of the best across the country. 

Here's the thing, I have always been a roamer when it comes to shopping, living in a city like Chicago for so long you learn that the best way to find the best things is to just roam and stumble. But, now that I do not live in the city, and now that my time is filled with all this other stuff, when I need something, I hate wasting time and want to just get in and get out. 

I was super surprised, well not really, to see a local mall at the very top of the list of the best malls. See, my brother and cousin have been telling me over and over again that I have to come shop the Aurora Outlet Mall. Last Christmas my brother shopped there and loved it-- yeah, my brother loved a mall-- and my cousin is forever going on about the deals she finds there. I on the other hand have completely given up on Outlet Malls, till now. 

The real value in Malls Info though is for traveling purposes, like I said, I love to shop when I travel. I can see myself planning out the next great road trip using the mall guides recommendations to chart our course! Check 'em out!