Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Savings.com, Another Great Coupon Site!

I don't think that I have made a single online purchase without first finding a coupon or promotional code to use. The Savings.com coupon website is another place I can go to now to find what I need to save myself some money, which makes me happy-- just like the site's slogan says!

What I really liked about Savings.com is that it has a big retailer section, for all those stores and sites that we love, but there is also a section for smaller retailers and even a local listing section. I love supporting local businesses and promoting the ones that I love and receive great surface at, and this is a great way to do so. 

The other site feature that I really like is the user friendly help section.  Some other sites I have used have very big forums, but I always feel like I just walked into another universe and many times have gotten back very unfriendly responses to questions I ask. It almost feels like the mommies on there find anyone new a bother and worry about everyone else getting a deal before them or worry about stuff running out.

Not so here. You ask a question in the Get Advice tab and soon someone will come along and offer their suggestions. No more, “My time is precious so stop wasting it” responses!

Check out Savings.com if you love shopping, like using coupon codes, and saving money makes you happy.