Friday, March 4, 2011

The Ultimate Chocolate Kit for Little Chocolate Lovers

Like most kids and teens, the twins love making things and trying everything out for themselves.  So when I saw, The Ultimate Chocolate Kit at my local Borders, I knew I had to grab it for the girls. 

Cute chocolate kit for little chocolate lovers!

I bought the kit before Christmas, so I was surprised when they did not use it right away -- even began questioning my gift giving choices :/  But then one of the twins told me that they were saving it for a special occasion. 

Turns out Valentine's Day was the occasion they were waiting for. They asked me to stay out of the kitchen for a little while so they could work on something, so I busied myself elsewhere and let them do their thing.  

They melted, poured and wrapped tiny heart chocolates using the supplies in the kit which included everything they needed to make their own custom chocolates. 

As soon as they got their chocolates all ready they boxed and bagged them up, the boxes and bags were also included! I ended up with a decorated bag of white and milk chocolate hearts and stars. 

Overall it was a cute little kit that kept them busy for a couple hours. The twins were old enough to use it unsupervised and without any help from me, though younger children would definitely need supervision and assistance.  

Loved the gift!