Saturday, March 19, 2011

USL Breves: Things I Love This Week!

For all those things I am currently in love with, obsessing over, and don't have much to say about other than how much I love it!

Someone brought this home and it was so good on my pizza and then the scrambled eggs and salmon that I made myself. I am willing to be sick for this cheese at least once a week :)

The store that never fails me! I live for their clearance section because that is where all the good stuff ends up. Plus, HPB is the only place that is able to satisfy my need for books with obscure places in the title.  This weeks find was, A Ghost in Trieste.

  Milk Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans
Chocolate covered coffee beans! Don't knock them if you haven't tried them. Addicted. 

And the last thing I want to mention today is the newly launched CNN Freedom Project. If you haven't seen any of the specials run, I think there have been four of them so far, they are worth checking out. Yes, I know slavery is not something most want to think about, but it is important that we do because it still exists and it is not pretty. 

I have blogged a few times about this issue and the group, Free the Slaves, so it is great to see that a large news outlet has picked up the cause. 

That's it. Have a great weekend everyone!