Monday, March 21, 2011

Wellie Buddies!

Spring is coming. That means puddles. And puddles mean Wellies!  

Now, I am about ninety percent positive that we are going to get another good dumping of the white stuff up here-- we always do. But, till then I get to stomp around in the hot pink Wellies I bought for that trip to the Costa Rican rain forest. 

Though it did occur to me that while I have at least (ha!) two pairs of every other type of shoe in my closet, I only have one pair of Wellies. Those poor Wellies NEED a buddy!

Zorro and I are ready to play in all the puddles :)

Oh, and just for the record, Hunter donates a portion of sales from their new line of Wellies to charity so be sure to check them out first!