Saturday, April 16, 2011

Denise Lebar Hair Boutique-- For My London Gals!

This post is for all my London galsThe Denise Lebar Hair Boutique is a top notch, best kept secret in London. Offering a full line of pampering beauty treatments, hair extensions are what they are best known for and why celebrities and socialites alike flock to the spot. 

More than just a salon, Denise Lebar is a first class boutique, providing you with treatments for both hair and body all in one place. Whether you are just looking for a one time treatment or a place to have all your beauty and cosmetic work taken care of for as long as you require it, you will receive personal and professional service.

Popular for many treatments, Denise Lebar Hair Boutique is among the best places for any woman to have her hair extensions done, removed and redone in any style imaginable. Actress, Linda Lusardi is among the boutiques favorite clients, and the feeling is mutual!

Need help for a big night? For your big day? Beauty consultations, styling and parties can all be booked. With a full house of professionals on staff, every concern you have can be seen too, and the boutique prides itself on offering customers an informed decision in all things-- so you don't have to worry about pushy staff.

Check out Denise Lebar Hair Boutique if:

  • you are looking for the best place in London for hair extensions
  • want a one stop shop for all your beauty and cosmetic needs
  • are looking for a stylist or beauty consultation
  • need bridal services

Side note: I have always had a lot of London readers, but I have noticed how much that number has jumped over the last few months. I don't know if it is because my friends are sharing my blog posts on FB and elsewhere, or because I have been posting more and more about London, shopping London, visiting London or being jealous of my many, many friends currently in London.  Another trip is in order!