Friday, April 8, 2011

Yanni: Truth of Touch Album Review

Yanni is one of those artists I grew up listening to, my dad enjoys his concerts, so whenever there was a new concert airing on PBS we watched with Dad.  In fact, I did so just a few weeks ago, and Dad asked me to check and see if he was coming to Chicago following the release of the album, Truth of Touch. 

When the One2One network contacted me about reviewing Yanni's latest album, Truth of Touch, the first instrumental album in several years, I knew that I had to listen! Right now my dad is in the hospital, but as soon as he comes home I plan on having him listen and give me his opinion as a long time fan. 

Personally, I prefer the concerts to any Yanni album, but only because of the production side of things.  I do own a lot of instrumental albums that I listen to for various reasons, and there are several songs on here that I will be adding to my study and work playlist. Others, I would prefer to enjoy with the vocals or in a concert setting because it does feel like they are bigger than just an instrumental piece. 

After listening to the entire album several times, my favorite single is still, Truth of Touch. Can't Wait, the 8th track, includes vocals and is the twin's favorite, of course. I listened to it and knew they would like it, reminds them of Sarah Brightman, one of their favorite vocalists. 

All in all, the album is definitely very representative of Yanni, and I know my dad will love the entire thing just as it is. I would prefer to hear the entire album in the form of a concert, but I like it just the same. 

To see if there will be a Yanni concert in your area, check here for tour dates!

*My Disclaimer: I was provided with a free download by One2One in exchange for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was given or received for this review.