Saturday, May 14, 2011

Garage Sailing on a Saturday!

I had an hour to burn this morning while Missy was taking an exam at the local college, so I decided to spend it garage sailing! I was actually debating between looking for a couple garage sales and going to a coffee shop because I only had $5 cash on me (and didn't feel motivated to hit an ATM) and it was cold and threatening to rain.  So glad I went with the sales because I found some great stuff. 

Today I found:

We have a lot of beginning, 1st year and 2yr piano players in the house and I like Sound of Music. Missy seemed happy with my purchase when she saw it, so it was a quarter well spent. 

I have been picking up these as I find them, only the smaller round ones, because I have a decorating project planned out. There was only one that would work, otherwise I would have bought more. 

I found this pair of earrings in the bottom of a jewelry box that was filled with a bunch of pins and random stuff. I love how delicate the little stars, or flowers, are but I don't like the chain dangling from it so I am going to remove that. Still debating turning the set into a necklace or bracelet too, so.....

The one on the left is going on my dresser, I have been grabbing random jars like it and stuffing all my big bead necklaces and bangles in them-- looks pretty. The one on the left is for the kitchen. 

Missy spied and grabbed this string of Amethyst chips before I did at the only garage sale we stopped at on the way home. And, get this, she actually paid for it herself, but only because I told her that if I bought it, it was mine :) 

I was most excited about the choker. I found one just like it when I was younger but my younger sisters loved playing with it and I have never seen it since. Wouldn't you know it, but as soon as the three of them saw this one, they all started fighting over who owned the other one-- Hello, it's mine! Apparently one of them knows where the lost one is but will not pull it out because she is worried I am going to reclaim it. The one in the photo above has mother of pearl and looks really great on. 

Other items purchased include a couple books and puzzles that the twins have already cracked open. 

Any guesses as to how much I spent on all everything? I started out with $5.....

and came home with $2.50!