Friday, June 3, 2011

Armani Jeans: Always the Right Trend

Armani Jeans is one of the few designers out there that has made casual wear a classic look.  No matter how the trends change, this designer always has a place among them, largely in part to the chic style and cut of each and every piece that make up the collection. 

This year is no different, and I really have fallen in love with several pieces including dresses, tees and Armani jeans. There are even a few mens tees that I wouldn't mind owning too!

Among my pics for this season are 
For a night out on the town

For everyday!

The one thing I really love about every pair that I try on is that they give me more butt than I actually have. 

But there really is so much more I am in love with from Armani Jeans, and I need some smart outfits for the office and business situations as well. For those situations, I love the perfect blend of trendy and tailored that each of the pieces has, so I can basically go from one place to the next without having to change outfits. 
Gotta have purple!
And this tulip dress, well, I think I can get away with this dress being the only thing in my closet!
Either way, there is way more that I want than I can get, but its okay, because there will always be something new next season!