Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Florida For Families Guidebook Reviews & Recommendations

I love the internet, but I never take a trip without reading a few travel guidebooks-- I love them. For our trip to Florida, I have been grabbing and reading anything that covers Florida for Families. The twins might be 14, and too old for any child prices at attractions, but this is going to be a family themed trip with lots of opportunities to learn and have fun. 

There are two books in particular that I have grabbed, neither is Disney heavy which is why I grabbed them. The first is from travel leader, Fodors, and is called Frommer's Florida With Your Family.
 Frommer's Florida With Your Family (Frommers With Your Family Series)
The guide is targeted to the UK family, but all the information inside is perfectly suited to any American family. I found lots of different places than I was able to discover with online searches, and then plenty of info or leads to info on those same places. 
The entire book is divided into 7 sections of Florida, with one section devoted to Disney and all the info on sites, attractions, restaurants and hotels is family friendly. I like that it is not just the major attractions that are listed and mentioned, but small out of the way places too. Many of these are of environmental and educational interest. 

The second book that has been a great help is Florida for Families which is full of Florida one type trips and where the author shares his own families adventures. I really liked this book because it reads like mix of a personal family blog and a professional guide book. You really can sit back and read it, rather than ticking off pages and choices off a list of hotels-- which is exactly how I like my guidebooks. 
Florida for Families 
The guide tells you where to walk, drive, ride for the best views.  There is almost no focus on Disney, because the author directs to you the twice as big as this book Disney dedicated guides and websites. In fact, the descriptions and pictures of places are so well done that out of the entire stack of Florida guide books I pulled (about 12) the three girls fight over the chance to read this one the most. They have flipped through the others, glanced at the Official Disney guide (but have yet to ask me if we are going or if we can), but it is this one guide that they pour over and attach Post-its to when they read something that they want to see.