Friday, June 3, 2011

How to Make Cassava Cake

With all the new gardening books and cookbooks I have been flipping through lately, I have had the chance to try out new fruit and veggies-- like cassava. I have been reading a lot about cassava and was surprised to find out that I have actually already had cassava cake!

Every year my family attends the Simbang Gabi festival here at our church, in addition to other cultural events around Christmas time. One of my favorite dishes is this lovely cake that the Filipino community almost always serves, but I never did ask them what it was, nor how they made it. After going through one of my books, I did an online search to find out how to make cassava cake, and was surprised at how easy it is. 

I think the only thing that might take some doing is getting your hands on the grated cassava, but we have a lot of small grocers around here that cater to the different communities so I was able to find some in a snap. I also found that the health food and natural grocers, like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods carry grated cassava, so look there.  

After a little online searching we settled on this simple straight forward recipe, How To Make Cassava Cake, and there is a well done you tube video attached, which makes everything a lot easier to follow. Now that school and graduation are behind us, the girls and I have plenty of time to bake, so we will be whipping this up sometime this week, and posting pictures, so stay tuned!

Have any of my readers ever cooked with cassava? Had cassava cake?