Monday, June 27, 2011

I Have an Etsy Store: Vintage and Handmade Finds

I am always talking about my cool vintage finds and the handmade jewelry, accessories and clothing I create! And I am constantly getting emails and comments from friends that they want whatever it is I find or requests to watch out for. So after a lot of ho-humming I decided to just bite the bullet and open my own virtual store on Etsy!

My store will include both vintage and handmade jewelry, clothing, accessories and home decor. A lot of the handmade stuff that I do is upcycled too, so you will be seeing a lot of that. 

Today I posted the first three items for sale, and I plan on adding new items to the store every day. Here's what you can find on there right now

Vintage Enamel Peony Earrings
Scarlet and Azul Hinged Bangle
Vintage Mother of Pearl Collar Necklace
So excited to get things rolling! For tomorrow I have a couple of those wooden bangles I mentioned a couple months ago, and some handmade pieces too. 

In reality, its just a good excuse for me to go shopping :)