Friday, June 10, 2011

Painfree Swimsuit Shopping With Teens, Finally!

Ever take teens swimsuit shopping?

I am so relieved that I was able to go swimsuit shopping with the twins and keep all my limbs, my sanity and get in and out of the store in a little over an hour. If you remember last year, or the year before, shopping for swimsuits with the girls was not fun-- Missy refused to try anything else on when I sarcastically agreed with her about being fat, Catherine put a curse on me and Christine pulled a karate move.

Knowing that both girls were going to need new suits for the summer and that the longer we waited, the less that we would find, I decided to try things a little differently this year. Here's what we did:

Talk About What Is and Is Not Allowed
This has always been a sticking point with Missy, but the twins are just coming into their own and this is really the first time they are buying a suit that they wouldn't use on a swim team (sporty Speedo's) or a cute one piece that mom or I chose for them. Before we went out or looked at anything online we talked about what they could and could not pick out, for us, it's no strings or thongs and the tops have to cover their chests entirely. 

Limit Your Teens to A Couple Stores
I think a huge part of the reason we have never been able to swimsuit shop together successfully in the past is because the girls had too many options. Limit them to one or two stores, but make sure the stores you choose have plenty of style options. Stores like Target and Old Navy sells several tops and bottoms that can be mixed and matched. 

Browse the Online Selection
I made the girls browse the online selection for the stores we were heading to for two reasons. First, it gave the girls an idea of the different styles and prints that each store had so they could talk about what style suits would flatter them the most.  Second, I'm trying to teach the girls about shopping smart and how to spend versus save-- the book, A Purse of Your Own: An Easy Guide to Financial Security is a great book for teens & young women-- so this gave them an idea of how much they would be spending.

It worked! And it was totally painfree :)

The girls knew what they were looking for, had an idea of all the patterns that were in the styles they liked so we walked in, grabbed them and went straight to the fitting rooms. Both settled on the same suit, but they did end up deciding that they wanted to pair the top with cute board shorts to wear in the water (with bottoms they already owned because they won't be showing).

Here's what they settled on, From Old Navy
These they paired with colorful board shorts that had a brown background.

I love the support that is included in the top, something you don't see on most suits, but there is support on the side and the cups. I hope this will prevent any suit rolling etc.