Monday, June 6, 2011

Trying to Plan a Trip to Disney

Does anyone have any Disney vacation tips for me? Do you have any idea how incredibly crazy complicated this is? Seriously, I wanted to title this post, How to Perform Major Surgery on Yourself.
When I mentioned that we wanted to make a trip down to Florida, I mentioned that I wanted to stop for a day or two at Walt Disney World with the girls, if I could afford it. Last year my brother and I were seriously considering a trip down, treating all our sibs to a vacation, but then my brother lost his job last Jan and after a couple months was still not employed. We changed the plans to take a vacation much closer to home, to Wisconsin Dells-- which was so much fun!

Because we would be in Florida already, I would love to surprise the twins with Disney. No one in the fam has ever been, but I know that everyone has had the desire to go at one point or another. 

The thing is, I won't know till right before we are leaving if I will be able to afford it, so it will definitely be a last minute paid for thing-- which might end up being more expensive. I would like to know everything that I need to know about the visit either way, even if I do just end up buying the tickets when we are there. Two day tickets for the 4 of us would end up being over $600, and that is without any of the added perks or options. Not staying on property would not get us the extra hour options at the start and end of the day, we would have to pay to park both days, no water park, hopper etc. 

If we were to stay longer, and at one of the resorts, the savings are a lot more significant, but that would cost a couple grand and I don't have that on top of what I would need for the rest of the trip. Plus, I can't take that much time off.

Trying to plan out this portion of the trip though, is crazy ridiculous. I have been scouring forums, websites and even picked up a couple books from the library-- but OMG, I don't understand half the lingo. Most of these folks in there have been every year, and there is just so much information to digest. It really is overwhelming. 

It is impossible to keep everything straight. Seriously, information overload. I wish I was more obsessive about things, but I tend to be nonchalant about planning vacations and trips since I grew up in a family with a family business and we never knew when or if we were going to vacation until my mom started throwing things into a trunk. Seriously, the last time we went to Mexico I was on my way home from school when my mom called to say that if I wanted to come, I had an hour to get home and pack before she left. It was also the trip my dad said she would never take and didn't believe her till we were pulling out of the driveway and he ran into the house to grab his wallet and a toothbrush, lol-- nothing else.