Monday, June 20, 2011

Universal or Disney? What's Best For Teens?

In the middle of all this planning, debating and number crunching a new issue has arisen. Do we consider Universal instead of Disney? Don't get me wrong, we have always wanted to do Disney, there is just something about the place. But, when I consider Disney next to Universal, and consider what the girls and I really love-- fast, crazy rides-- it seems as if Universal would be the better fit for us.

Now all of this is purely conjecture at this point because I still do not know if I am going to have enough to throw in money for tickets. The costs around this trip keep rising and I sorely underpriced a lot of stuff and we changed the return trip to include a couple stops. Still, I would like to see this part of the trip happen, and I am really going to try and make it possible.

The ticket prices to Universal are much better than Disney, but like Disney the better discounts come with a four to five day ticket over a one or two day. However, there is no way I would be able to do a four day, even split up, regardless of the savings or if I can pay for it. It would just be way too much walking for me and I know that if I tried to even force the two days in a row I would be off my feet for two weeks.

With as weak as my knees have been lately, and with the fall I took a couple weeks back, I am not even sure I can do all the walking that one day would require. I am hoping there are wheelchairs because I would probably have to make use of one. My ankle and foot will not be completely healed by then and it is the constant walking on my knee that causes it to pop. The last thing I want is for it to happen away from home and then I would not only be unable to walk, but driving would be impossible as well.
I love roller coasters, but I would have to have the girls wheel me around and then just stand in line for the rides. I know that that would definitely help.

Anyways, for girls that love big thrill-- Disney or Universal?

Oh, and I have not asked the girls which they prefer because as far as they are concerned this is purely a space coast and Florida Keys vacation with as many days spent at and on the beach as possible. I don't want to have them consider something that might not happen, but I am sure if I sprung it on them, they could bring themselves to leave the beach for the 2 days :)