Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Worth a Look: PhotoPic Sky Survey

The girls and I are in total space mode right now as we anticipate traveling to Florida to watch the final space shuttle launch in July. I have always been into space exploration and astronomy, and since I drag the girls along with me, they are pretty into it as well. 

This really neat website called, PhotoPic Sky Survey, just landed in my email inbox today, and I am so jealous and inspired. Seriously, Wow! You have to visit the site to understand what I mean. 

Photopic Sky Survey
The site is a project by, Nick Risinger, and is the product of a year long photographic endeavor in which Nick traveled 60,000 miles. Sky Survey is a single night sky photograph, composed of over 37,000 synchronized shots, void of light pollution.  It really is incredible, and reminds us all of the place we have in the universe. 

Finding areas that are without any light pollution up here is hard, but I do recall many sleepless nights in the rain forests of Costa Rica spent staring up at the incredibly illuminated (and different) night sky. 

It's worth a look.