Thursday, July 28, 2011

Funny T-Shirts For Women at Supergoodtees!

I've mentioned Supergoodtess in the past, but now they have a whole new line of funny t-shirts for women!  Many of the slogans that are used on shirts aimed at men have been rephrased or redone for women.  And then there are tons of all new shirt designs and phrases that are done just for women. 

The fitted tees are decorated with slogans such as, The 8th Wonder, If I Agreed With You, We'd Both Be Wrong, and Read Books, Not Tshirts. Better yet, all the funny t-shirts for women are just $20!

Compared to the tees that I checked out and bought earlier this year, there are several new slogans that I didn't expect (because I really thought I have seen it all) but had a good chuckle over. 

Check out Supergoodtees if:
  • you are looking for funny t-shirts for women
  • you want different, unique shirts with slogans you are not going to find anywhere else
  • you are looking for themed shirts for an event or party
  • affordable, flat rate tees are what you need